At Empress All, we shatter glass ceilings and do it in style.

Our mission
To provide comfortable, stylish and affordable style for the modern woman.

How did we come up with our name?
To us, Empress embodies the influence, confidence and self love of a woman who makes an impression on the world around her.
Our line is reminiscent of the women who have shaped history in powerful roles, and we want to build a community of Empresses who support other women.

What is our Empress Story?
Empress All was founded by four boss babes who came together to create a brand that empowers and unites women.
We know first-hand the needs of a dynamic woman:
chic, stylish power apparel that meets the demands of a busy schedule.
Whether you’re bounding off the subway, walking convention floor space, or touring real estate property, our flats will become your best friend.

What is your Empress Story?
No more burdensome shoe changes during the day. No ugly, dirty flats crammed in your purse. Your time is valuable. We hand-picked each style for maximum comfort, style and versatility.  Wear Empress flats to the office, on your commute and straight to happy hour.